S2Five Iron - Power in Performance

Benjamin David Golf has already revolutionized the putter, offering the most customizable putter in history. Now we are excited to be bringing you the world’s most forgiving blade irons. Through extra weight and a slightly thicker sole, combined with two degrees strong loft, we have achieved a forgiving blade. 

While designing these irons, Benjamin David wanted to produce that classic blade look with sleek lines and competitive distance without being hard to hit. By adding weight and a slightly larger sole, he has created a head that explodes through the turf for better contact and effortless distance. 

Not only is the design of the iron head important, but the feel and sound has also been engineered through testing of different metals with elite players' feedback from our prototype designs. Using S25 Carbon steel and milling the entire face, Benjamin David himself has created a masterpiece. 

Cnc milling the face and grooves also allows the grooves to be completely square, meaning sharper and stronger grooves that do not deviate from set to set, like the forging process allows. 

Through several prototypes, Benjamin David Golf is excited and ready to be able to offer premium irons to our players soon. Subscribe to the Benjamin David Golf newsletter to get updates on when they will be available!

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We offer more customization than any other brand on the market! Fast turn-arounds on a quality putter designed and built by hand right here in the United States. Contact us directly to start your one of a kind putter today!


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