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About a year ago a good buddy of mine from high school called me up and we started chatting about golf in general and since we've both always been into fashion the conversation turned toward cool, funny or just interesting stuff we'd like to see in the marketplace. We jotted down some notes, and after a few of these monthly talks we felt like we might be onto something...long story short we decided to start a golf company! Hold on, we're not total idiots. My buddy actually has some credentials.  Over the last ten years he’s worked in apparel/product manufacturing and design with many fortune 500 clients including Stryker Medical, GM, Chrysler, etc. Things were good, I don't think he had any complaints. But then a couple years ago he inked a promotional products deal with the PGA tour to do the tournament volunteer gift packages.  If you’ve even been to or volunteered at a tour event you may have seen his stainless steel tumblers among other items.  The program has been an enormous success, and the tour started requesting apparel for their corporate team, which just so happens to be his specialty.  The momentum we gained from this partnership has lead us to creating a private label brand focused more on individuals than corporate clients.

The brand is called Benjamin David. The idea behind the brand is “for golfers by golfers”, meaning we’re creating items that we as golfers want to wear and use out on the course.  We believe that a golf shirt shouldn't cost $75-90. We source the same fabrics and use the same factories as some of the big name brands I can't mention, so we know what the material and manufacturing costs are.

Everything we're doing is going to be very grass roots and organic, limited runs; we’re literally a two-man team and I’m just a typical golfer providing my input.  

Benjamin David Golf offices are located in Tempe, AZ and we’ll be attempting to grow the brand locally in Arizona as well as my home state (and golfwrx headquarters) of Michigan through area courses, social media, and of course WRX!

Initially we’ll be doing a limited run of products including polo’s, hats, gloves and outerwear.  We’re also going to be making putters, divot tools, ball markers and golf balls.

So this is where I need your help: we want to do some fun items that include your direct input.  The idea of fun golf lingo or slogans that we can put on ball markers and hats seems like a great idea.  Stuff like “butter cut”, “hosel rocket”, “tour sauce”, etc.

Please reply to the thread with anything you think would be cool to have on either product!

We’ll pick the most popular and creative ideas and put them on our products in the near future.  We’ll also select key contributors and send them some free product.

I'll also work on getting a WRX discount code for everyone as part of our launch promotion.

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  • Tour Sauce is right around the corner :)

    Sneak peaks are on our IG so follow us there as well for the latest images!!

    Benjamin David
  • Dan,

    We plan to and are always welcome to more great ideas! Thanks!!

    Benjamin David
  • Don’t forget the classics worm burner and chili dip

    Dan jacobson

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