A Brief History of Benjamin David Golf

The idea of Benjamin David Golf is simple… We are a brand “Fore Golfers, By Golfers”. We are all golfers here, and we understand the golf industry and how it moves. The design, colors, and stitching is all picked by us here and allows us to cut out the middleman to offer the highest quality apparel for a truly realistic price. Golf is already a financial obligation for those of us who play twice a summer all the way to those of us who play twice a day, a shirt shouldn’t cost you $90 or more. Benjamin David Golf offers better clubs and apparel at a better price, allowing you to look good, feel good, and play good.

In 2017, the founder and CEO of Benjamin David Golf discussed golf fashion and design with an old friend from high school. Through several of these conversations over several months, the idea of a golf brand that offered the highest amount of quality for a truly reasonable price came to fruition. Having experience in apparel design and manufacturing for corporate clients such as the PGA Tour, GM, and Stryker Medical, Benjamin David decided that it was time to offer the same quality of the other big brand companies in golf for a realistic price to all golfers.

Now fast forward three years to present day. Benjamin David golf now has several polos, jackets, gloves and a state-of-the-art putter with the outline of the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport. Sleek, smooth, and precise speaks to both the GT Revolta putter and the Bugatti. Not only is the GT Revolta the biggest technological advancement in putting in over a decade, but it is the first putter to introduce the Dual Swing System. Benjamin David engineered the DSS himself and has designed it to be built for either left or right handed players. No longer forcing an upcharge for the limited number of left handed putters many of the other big brands do. The Dual Swing System will be available in many of our future putter designs, no longer excluding the lefties from the best tech in golf.

All in all, Benjamin David Golf has continued to grow since its inception and is excited to continue to offer the best quality at a reasonable price. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please let us know! Golf is a community with our own lingo and own ideas, if you have your own we would love to hear from you!

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